Afrocentrists see their culture as emanating from Africa. The two most visible groups are Rastafarians (see Rastafarianism), from broadly West Indian backgrounds, and blacks who foreground their African ancestry. Both groups see a recognition of African origins as crucial to the resolution of problems in and around their status as British subjects, redolent as it is of their history as colonial peoples. Their aim is the recognition and recovery of their lost history and culture. Afrocentrists fear that their distinctive culture will be submerged in a multicultural Britain and, partly taking their cue from Alex Haley’s Roots, wish to celebrate their identity in clothing styles, music and dance rhythms. Important texts are The Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress Welsing and the Nation of Islam speeches of Minister Louis Farrakhan. They celebrate an alternative to Christmas, called Kwaanza, in part centring on ancient Egyptian culture. Influences are Dr Ron Karenga and the American film director Spike Lee.

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